PEACHTREE Sage Peachtree is accurate, easy-to-use accounting software that provides the insights and control needed for businesses that are committed to getting the numbers right and improving results. Currently we support more than 2.7 million customers in the U.S. and Canada. Our sole focus is to provide business management software and services to small and midsized businesses (SMBs). Our applications cover a full range of business requirements including accounting, customer relationship management, contact management, human resources, warehouse management, specialized industry needs, among many others. Our parent company, The Sage Group, plc, is a world-leading supplier of accounting and business management software to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Our purpose is to help our customers run their businesses more effectively, helping them to gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes.

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DOCUWARE  The DocuWare 5 document management system is state-of-the-art software for integrated document management. It can automatically process any type of document regardless of its source, with internal control procedures that help you meet audit and compliance requirements. DocuWare 5 imports them, classifies them, adds a fulltext index and makes them available for onward processing. Additional Records Management functions ensure that all access is secure, controlled, and logged. Enhanced with workflow functionalities, Web Content Management and universal integration functions, DocuWare 5 provides powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality for enabling expansion throughout an organization. DocuWare 5 offers comfort and security. Even the most exacting users will be impressed not only by the comprehensive features, but also by its user-friendliness and simple administration — all of which, together with the extensive integration capabilities and optimum security, combine to make DocuWare 5 a product that can grow with your requirements well into the future. For more information, visit


For 30 years, Rediker has been the easiest to use and best supported administrative software on the market and is currently used by over 4000 campus in over 100 countries around the world. Our strong commitment to international education is evidenced by our satellite offices in Shanghai, China; Bangkok, Thailand; Guayaquil, Ecuador and Bangalore, India and now, Pakistan. Our flagship products, Administrator's Plus, the School Office Suite and Admissions Plus Pro, provide an easy-to-use integrated student management software system that streamlines administrative tasks throughout the entire school. For more information, visit

Microsoft Dynamics

MICROSOFT DYNAMICS Microsoft Dynamics SL is a business-management solution specialized to help project-driven midsize organizations obtain reports and business analysis, while helping increase efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. By enabling you to automate and streamline projects across company divisions and locations, Microsoft Dynamics SL helps you manage people, projects, and profitability. With powerful Microsoft Dynamics SL solutions for professional services, operations, field services, and construction management, you can be confident that projects are estimated correctly, completed on time, and meet your customer´s requirements. If you are a foreign national and planning to invest in Pakistan and/or planning to start a new business, we can take you through the process right from the promotion stage where an idea is conceived to your first day in business. We gauge our worth by the personal and business successes of our clients. We can help your business by identifying areas, which, negatively affects the profitability and develop solutions that are practical and technically sound. In addition, we provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your business. The following is just a few of the areas in which we provide our services. For more information, visit


  • (Islamabad, dated Jan 7, 2014) The Directorate General of Basic Education Community Schools (BECS), Ministry of Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education has associated with Intigro Consulting for showcasing the BECS program, its potential and its programmatic needs to the donor community.

  • (Islamabad, dated January 29, 2014) Federal Ombudsman Office for Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace (FOO) and M/S AGHAZ Consulting (associated concern of Intigro) entered into a MOU with respect to their joint efforts towards procuring grant from USAID, for a capacity building and public out reach project. A joint proposal has been submitted titled "Work with Dignity” which is currently under negotiations.

  • (Islamabad, Feb 14, 2014) The new website of Intigro Conuslting has been uploaded. For details of our proejcts, team and upcoming activities please visit

  • (Islamabad, December 12, 2013) A Rapid Assessment funded by DFID of the "beneficiaries benefit payment module" was submitted to the largest cash transfer program funded by GOP. 

  • (Islamabad, dated April 22, 2014) As part of the ongoing technical assistence to BISP, Intigro has developed a design document for an online interface for the Finance & Accounts (F&A) department, which proposes an independent verification work flow for the beneficairies payment tranche in terms of its completeness, accuracy and adequate approvals. The deisgn is now complete and has been accpted by the managment. The softwrae development will be initiated in phase-II.

  • (Islamabad, dated July 26, 2014) We are pleased to announce Mr. Hussain's recent engagement with The Government of Bangladesh (GoB), through the World Bank, in launching the Shombhob Conditional Cash Transfer (SCCT) Project. The World Bank has engaged us in developing a credible financial management system and a legal framework between the various stakeholders of the project. The World Bank intends to fund over USD 300 million over the next five years for the project.

  • (Islamabad, Dated Nov 10, 2014) During the Mid Term Review (MTR) of BISP jointly undertaken (Oct 20-24) by a mission comprising of members from DFID and World Bank, Intigro presented a Proof of Concept (POC) for the Business Intteligence (BI) platform to the Chairman and the mission members, which was widely hailed by the participants and regarded this initiative as a major milestone towards enhancing accountability and transparency in BISP operations.

  • (Islamabad, dated May 19, 2015) We are pleased to announce comencement of formal operations in United States. Support for Transforming Applied Practices (STRAP) has been inocrporated under the laws of California State. Our corprate office is in Hayward which is 20 minutes drive to the San Fransisco, Bay Area. STRAP will be forging bsuniess reaionships with US firms for possible collaboration as joint venture partners for bidding opportunities in the international development sector consulting market.


  • (Oakland CA, June 1, 2015) INTIGRO has its associate concern STRAP, establish its corporate office in Oakland, just across Lake Merritt at Harrison Street. Office is on the 11th floor with the scenic view over-looking the lake. Oakland has seen a recent surge of companies choosing Oakland for their offices. INTIGRO team in Pakistan is delighted to represent its US concern in Pakistan. We are happy to be part of the Oakland’s business community.

  • (Islamabad, October 2015) Mr. Hussain visit Dhaka, Bangladesh with the World Bank Team in the Technical Mission for the Income Support Program for the Poorest (ISPP) program. 



  • (Colombo Sri Lanka, January 2016) The CEO, Mr. Hussain recently accompanied the World Bank Mission to Sri Lanka to explore opportunities for the modernization of the country’s Social Safety Net program for the country. Mr. Hussain will be looking into the fiduciary framework and advising the Banks’s team on the project design.

  • (Washington DC, May 2016) CEO INTIGRO Mr. Hussain represented the US concern in the 9th Annual Small Business Conference held in Washington DC at the Ronald Reagan Center

  • (Washington DC  March 2016) CEO INTIGRO, Mr. Hussain with its team leaders attended the private sector development meeting held in the Society of International Development (SID) office in Washington DC. He stressed upon the need of forums like SID to bridge between the private sector and the international development sector.



  • (Islamabad, September 2016) INTIGRO team attended the UK’s Department for International Development event. DFID working with Mott MacDonald and Micronutrient Initiative, is launching the Food Fortification Program to improve the nutritional status of people in Pakistan, particularly women of childbearing age and children, through food fortification.




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